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Does Trump Deserve Credit for the Stock Market?

As an advocate for economics education, I get upset when I hear bogus economics claims being made in politics and the media. When this happens, consumers are fooled into spending irresponsibly. Voters are fooled into supporting policies detrimental to the economy. This has been on my mind lately as President Trump doesn’t let a day go by without taking credit for how well the U.S. stock market is doing. Continue reading “Does Trump Deserve Credit for the Stock Market?”

An Example of the Importance of Reallocation

When is the last time your checked your investment allocations? If it has been a few years, a lot has changed in the market. Stocks have┬áreached record highs within the last few months. These gains have probably┬áprovided you with a great return. However, they can also set a portfolio’s allocations off-balance. Continue reading “An Example of the Importance of Reallocation”