Teaching Materials

Original Lesson Materials

The following links are to Google Docs of original materials I created for my high school business classes. Fellow teachers, feel free to use them for your own classes as well!

Intro to Entrepreneurship

Ownership and Opportunity
Externalities and Giving Back to the Community
Market Research and Marketing
Regulations & Intellectual Property

Personal Financial Responsibility

College and Careers
Stock Market Investing
Taxes and Benefits
Home Budgeting

External Links to Lesson Materials

The following are quality lesson plan sources I have found to be highly reliable to use in my classroom.


Business Educators group on Facebook


Foundation for Teaching Economics

The Foundation for Teaching Economics provides lessons and other resources for economics teachers based on their 5 Economic Reasoning Propositions. Three of their curricula are listed below. The rest can be found here.

Right Start in Teaching Economics
Economics for Leaders
Economic History for Leaders
Jason Welker Lessons

AP and IB economics teacher and textbook author Jason Welker has some fantastic lesson ideas and other content on his web site Welker’s Wikinomics, including the following: